1st Time Home Buyers: Top Questions

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1st time home buyers typically have a lot of questions.ย  This video covers some of the top questions I get from 1st time home buyers hoping to purchase real estate.ย  It’s a little silly, but hopefully informative.ย  I fully believe that anyone who can own a home should own a home.ย  Further, a lot of people have the ability to buy something RIGHT NOW, but don’t believe it’s actually possible to do so.ย  Did you know that if you are a veteran it’s still possible to buy a home with Nothing Down? Conventional loans sometimes allow 1st time home buyers to purchase with as little as 3% down, and FHA Loans allow you to purchase with only 3.5% down.ย  Did you know that it’s possible to repair your credit in a relatively short amount of time to prepare you to buy a home?ย  This tongue in cheek video is just under 4 minutes and it covers these topics along with a few others having to do with the time frames involved in a typical escrow, and what the process of buying a home looks like. If you have questions holding you back from buying your first home, please watch and maybe this will answer a few.ย  And if you still have still have questions…well call me!