Why I love Altadena…

When we first bought our home in Altadena, a friend of ours from “Down the Hill” came to help me clear weeds in the back yard.  “Do you hear that?” he asked during a break from shoveling.  I stopped a moment and listened intently. “No,” I answered, puzzled.  “Exactly!” he said with a smile.  And then I understood.  It was a random Tuesday morning in spring.  Instead of the freeway roar, or the growl of lawnmowers, instead of the omnipresent noise of Los Angeles proper, all you could hear was the sibilant breeze whispering through the tall grass, the wind chimes tingling from a tree next door, and the occasional cluck of a disgruntled squirrel.

Altadena is only minutes away from such hubs of activity as Pasadena, and Downtown Los Angeles, but feels much further away.

This video highlights neighborhood treasures like The Altadena Farmers Market, Christmas Tree Lane, Farnsworth Park, awesome neighborhoods, cool people, and more.  If you have any questions about these things or anything else about my neighborhood, just give me a call.  Altadena is a great place to live, and I’m always happy to discuss why.  Hope you enjoy it.

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