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3 Reasons to Sell Your House Now!

Have you ever heard about seasonal real estate patterns? You know, sellers hold off selling during the holidays and buyers put off buying. Then Spring time comes around and everyone jumps back in. Well sellers, here are a few reasons you need to list your house right now and don’t wait after tax season.

1. There’s a shortage of houses for Sale – Buyers are looking for houses right now, and with today’s record low inventory, the chances of your house getting noticed is REALLY high.

2. There’s less competition with other sellers. – Other homeowners may be waiting until later in the year to list, which gives you a headstart, and a leg up on the competition.

3. Mortgage Rates are Low but Rising – Buyers want to purchase before rates move higher, which means they’ll want to act quickly

Don’t wait 6 more weeks. Let’s connect today – so you have the competitive edge by selling your house while the selling is great.

Tips before moving out of CA.

Recently, there has been a steady stream of people moving out of state to destinations that are less expensive. Most folks don’t think before hand about how difficult a move like this really is. Here are a few tips to make that process a little easier. The biggest take away is this: Consider NOT taking all of your stuff across the country. Instead, keep only those things that are truly irreplaceable, sell and donate the rest, and buy new furniture specifically to fit your new home. It’s a lot easier, and can even be fun. If you need more info, just message me.