I love Altadena, and live here. Below are some of the Altadena neighborhoods that make this place special.

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The Meadows is a uniquely private neighborhood in Altadena.  Fringed by the national forest, there are no neighbors on a significant area surrounding the enclosure.  With numerous trailheads, and amazing views, this enclave is suited for the resident who likes calm, quiet, and a feeling of remoteness, even though being located moments away from the city.  Home prices range from affordable to luxurious.


Farnsworth Park is one of Altadena’s gems. The neighborhood surrounding it benefits by its proximity. The park was completed in 1934, so the surrounding homes were built over almost every decade of the first half of the 20th century. From Craftsman to Modern, from Spanish to Traditional, this neighborhood has it all. Houses here also come in every price range, so there’s something here for anyone with the good taste to come.


Yet another great area in Altadena for those of you who like efficient use of space, and great character architecture.  This video highlights some homes in Janes Village.  In the last 6 months there were 8 Janes cottages up for sale.  They start out at about $650k depending on condition, and the exact lot and structure sizes.  Remodeled homes have recently sold in the low $800k range.  Since these properties were “discovered”  they have been consistently selling at a premium above other comparable “Non-Janes” homes in the area.  I love them because although they are small by today’s standards, they are laid out so well that they feel comfortable inside.  Many were also designed with porches, so neighbors can interact easily in a front yard community environment.


The neighborhood surrounding the Altadena Town and Country Club is filled with old world charm.  Homes here tend to be large, with large lots, and lots of character.  Here you can find an abundance of Mediterranean, Spanish Revival, and Craftsman homes.  These range from the comfortable homes on tree lined streets, to grand estates.  You won’t find anything considered “affordable” but what you will find is street after street of well maintained, luxurious homes, many with pedigree architecture. Famous addresses include “The Walsh House” from the television “Beverly Hills 90210.”


Here’s a video for those of you who want to see Ain’s stunning modern development in Altadena, CA but don’t live close enough to visit.  For those who do live in the area, perhaps it will inspire a short walk, bike, or drive.

In the late 1940s, mid-century modern architect Gregory Ain designed Park Planned Homes.  The development consisted of a single block of elegant single-family residences lining both sides of the street.  The concepts of flexible use space, open floor plans, and seamless interaction between indoor and outdoor areas were all introduced during the period in which these homes were built.  Ain’s efforts to achieve these ends manifested itself in features like Post and Beam framing, casement windows, and walls of glass to allow maximum natural light were the strategies.  All of these features can be seen on Highview.

I love that many of the owners are restoring the homes.  Some are buying to resell, and others for their own use.  Either way, the block is looking nicer in recent years, and I it keeps going in that direction.

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