In the 21st century, Eagle Rock is increasingly famous for its creative class of residents โ€“ busy, but with enough leisure time to take in the restaurants, shops and farmers markets found in this storied Northeast LA enclave. Indeed, it has drawn urban professionals from nearby Los Feliz and Silver Lake, but artists and others associated with the film industry have populated this area for nearly 100 years.

The boulevards of multimillion-dollar homes reflect some of that history. A drive down Hill or Mt. Royal drives is a tableau of 20th century California dreams. Homes that climb the hillsides speak to the midcentury modern vision โ€“ and spectacular city views โ€“ of that era. Eagle Rock residential architecture includes Streamline Modern and Art Deco, Craftsman, Georgian and Mission Revival styles, in addition to the coveted SoCal MiMo homes found on Kincheloe Drive. An innovative development of LEED-certified townhomes, Rock Row, with five inches of air separating each unit, was completed in 2013 โ€“ a sign that this is a neighborhood with its eyes on the future.

The median price of detached homes in Eagle Rock is just under $545,000 (2013), however condos in multi-unit buildings typically sell for less. Premier listings on places such as Hill Drive and College View Avenue are valued at up to $2.25 million. Median household income in this area is about $68,000 per year, and the median age of residents is just under 40.

A little more than one-third of households have children, who are in District 4 of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Eight public elementary schools plus six private and parochial schools call Eagle Rock home.

Few can resist a visit to Eagle Rock. If you are interested in looking at homes in Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Eagle Rock, contact Steve Aranda at 360 Real Estate Group. Steve is an expert in buying and selling real estate in Eagle Rock, having represented buyers and sellers in the area for the past 13 years.

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