How Does 12% Sound?

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Over the last few years it seems like there isn’t much to be excited about when it comes to finances in the Good Ol’ US of A. Every time you turn on the television, click on yahoo, or read a magazine cover (possibly while standing in line to buy groceries) you’re hit with something negative:

  • Unemployment Up
  • Unemployment Down (But not far enough)
  • Foreclosures are Rising
  • Gas Prices Rising
  • Rents are Rising

You get the picture…

How is your retirement doing? Last I checked, my wife’s 401k at work was earning about 3%. Lousy. My friend’s actually lost money last year.

But one smart investor I know just averaged about 12% annual interest by lending me the money to buy the Highland Park Bungalow I posted last month. He made a simple loan secured by real estate. We found the property, fixed it up, and resold it in a matter of months. He got the full amount he invested back, plus interest. He earned more in a few months than my wife’s 401k did all year.

Wanna learn how? Call me for more details.

This month’s mailer was filled with strategies to help you maximize your efforts whether you needed to buy OR sell a home.

Here is a link that pertains to one particular point for sellers: Price Reductions.

Although due to strong demand it might seem absurd in some areas, in others, price reductions are still very real. And if your realtor didn’t help you to price the home correctly out of the gate, then there can be even more trouble. Click on this link for important facts about “How to Get Your Home Sold.”