Kimberly Maska

“Most people dread the idea of having to sell a house. You put it on the market, it sits there, you don’t know what’s going to happen, when someone finally puts in an offer they want to negotiate…it’s just a big headache! And for me personally, I had this additional headache in that it was for my dad. I was trying to move him across country to be with me.ย  So not only was I having to sell his house, but I wasn’t even there to help with it. And my mom had passed away a few years back and the house was not in the shape it should have been in. So I was a little nervous. But I worked with Steve and he was a SUPERSTAR with this.ย  We had an offer for the house before it even went on the market, and it was an incredibly fair offer for the condition it was in.ย  It was unbelievable… With Steve’s connections and his expertise, it was done, and it was done fast, and I could not be happier.ย  So thank you so much Steve, and if anyone is thinking if Steve is the right one for you, I would highly, highly recommend him.ย  Thanks so much!

Kimberly Maska
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